Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Joss Whedon fan and Struggling Actress Creates "Wonder Woman" Trailer

What do you do when you really, really want a part in a Wonder Woman movie? Cobble together a costume, put on a truckload of makeup, put your friends in togas, and film your own movie trailer as an audition.

This unknown actress is so convinced that she could play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Joss Whedon movie that she did all of the above. (Watch it here.)

And my reaction is so schizophrenic that it makes wishy washy people look decisive. On hand, I applaud her for not only following her dreams, but for creating them out of her own two hands. That's a beautiful thing. No one will ever fail in life who can tap into that kind of guts, resources, and determination.

But on the other hand, the makeup. Oh lord, the makeup. They make the actresses look more like players in the inevitable skin flick that will be...uh, inspired by the theatrical release. (And a line like "This mission will tax even the greatest amazon" wouldn't be out of place in that production either.)

"Hello, did you order this pizza?"

"Why yes, I did! I'm also an amazon from Paradise Island sent to protect man's world. Now hold still while I use my golden lasso."

But again, back to the "following your dreams" thing. Good job. And the ending is funny. Joss Whedon himself wouldn't wince at that bit. Maybe he could give you a smaller part in the film? Perhaps as Wonder Woman's spunky kid sister? There could be a cute scene where she teaches you all sorts of big sister stuff...like how to apply makeup.


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